The Robby Paine Foundation

Capturing the giving spirit of our robbo


We honor Robby Paine's memory by supporting the three organizations that grew and fostered his hospitable nature:

The Young Life's Woodleaf Camp, Willow Glen Foundation, and California State University Chico, Department of Recreation, Hospitality, and Parks Management.

One of our goals is to build an endowment fund and award scholarships to the future students of the Hospitality Department  who strive to bless others with their welcoming customer service and care. We would also like to add to the support of Woodleaf, the camp that cultivated the foundation of Robby's passion for serving others. Lastly, Robby made friendships and memories to last a lifetime in his hometown of San Jose, California in the Willow Glen neighborhood. To continue his legacy where it all started, we are proud to support the Willow Glen Foundation. 

We hope this event succeeds in both it's fundraising goals and in capturing the delight Robby had in serving and honoring others. Robby's magnanimous spirit is our motivation, drive, and reason for celebration. 

Romans 12:9-18